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    Originally posted by LARMGUY View Post
    Again as a former cop I was treated to the same disdain and contempt for my take no BS type attitude. I called it as it was. Their is no lying to me for me or from me.
    Several times I have been to customers to fix their security issues and had found the problem, notified them what the problem was fixed and tested the fix only to return and find I had been complained about. Once I was too accusative when I found an obvious smash to the cable on an overhead door contact. I looked around for the possible physical evidence of the offending object and found recent concrete dig marks in line with the cable and a piece of metal with concrete still on it. Ahh Ha!
    I showed the owner what had happened and upon my return was chastised for doing so. WTF? I had apparently stepped on imaginary toes of the culprit that weren't supposed to be stepped upon.

    This is just one of several instances where my background and no nonsense approach has hurt me. I guess I should have not investigated the cause and let it just be fixed. If I don't smile a cheese eatin grin I get he's too serious. If I slobber all over them I get, He's too unprofessional.

    Screw it! You get me. My attitude, my jokes, my work ethic, period.
    You don't like it, your problem.
    For the sake of being controversial, this is why I don't think law enforcement necessarily qualifies one for security management.

    I often watch as security managers or consultants (not only ex law enforcement) "overstep their bounds" - not to mean that they give an answer the client "doesn't want to hear", but its more often the case of giving an answer the client did not pay for and did not want.

    The issue with many "straight shooters" is that they often lack the verbal finesse to direct their comments effectively.

    To conclude, I don't find "straight shooters" as capable of saying things that others won't, rather, straight shooters simply tend to lack the competency to say it eloquently.