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Radioactive Material Found in Fort Worth

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  • Radioactive Material Found in Fort Worth

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- The Fort Worth Fire Department recovered a box containing a missing radioactive material from a residence Tuesday morning.

    Hazardous materials crews were searching for a box containing uranium and iridium in Tarrant County after it fell off the back of a truck somewhere near U.S. 287 and Blue Mound Road in northwest Fort Worth sometime on Monday.

    Police said the truck driver noticed that the box was missing at about 4 p.m. Police, the fire department and hazmat crews began searching the area at about 11 p.m.

    A woman saw reports of the missing box on the news and called to tell authorities that she thought her husband might have picked the box up from the side of the road and brought it home. Firefighters recovered the missing box from the woman’s home in the 1200 block of Elaine Place near Meacham Airport. The box had not been opened, and wasn't a danger to the public.

    Police said the uranium was used in oil field x-ray equipment to do pipe scans. Iridium is a corrosive-resistant metal used to detect metal flaws and in radiation therapy.
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