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what do you guys make of this:

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  • what do you guys make of this:

    The message is loaded with objective comments that I don't care for in an article like this, but the meat and potatoes of the bill itself makes me wonder what's going on. Any thoughts?
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    If only half of this is true we have a crisis, George Orwell's "Thought Police" will have come to fruition.
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      It looks like the movie Tom Cruise starred in several years ago ( Can't recall it at this time) will actually come to fruition. A matter of Life imitates Hollywood possibly?

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        looks pretty well confirmed to me.
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          Lets not jump over-board here fellas. It's simply an act commisioning a 1 and a half year study into radicalization and homegrown terrorism.

          Anyone who watches the news from overseas (Europe in particular, and Canada in a couple instances) can see what an incredible danger homegrown terrorism is.

          Here in America we've never taken the Idea (that Americans could turn on their own) seriously. The Result of that thinking? Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, Eric Robert Rudolph, ect ect.

          This commision's only job us to look at the problem and suggest solutions to congress. I don't see one word of new police or prosecutorial powers in the text of that act.

          Consider the source also, the people who posted up the linked article wouldn't ever like anything the government ever did anyway.
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            "Domestic" or "home-grown" terrorism does deserve special attention because of the unique problems it presents, and simply because we need to understand how and why American citizens can be recruited into and doctrinated by such organizations.

            Some in our society do not believe that they are truly "American citizens" because they still do not have access to everything that America promises. When, for instance, there are real (as opposed to "perceived") inequities (injustice, for instance, or lack of opportunity) for some in our society that need to be addressed - and we all know that there are such inequities even in the year 2007 - let's address them. (Yes, I know that this is sometimes just an excuse, but I also know that it is reality for many, also. How many of us could scrabble our way out of the ghetto with the kind of education that ghetto children receive, no access to the Internet, bone-hungry all the time and gunshots every night outside your window?)

            Let's not be like France, where they have basically ignored large segments of society who are in genuine, deep economic distress. We still have a lot of work to do in this area, sadly.

            On the other hand, if some of these people are coming out of homes and communities where they had all the opportunity and advantages that America has to offer, and they STILL became terrorists, we need to understand that dynamic as well...and hopefully learn how to identify and interdict them as early as possible.

            I would imagine there are multiple reasons that Americans become disaffected with society, and we can't solve all of them. Some might even simply be sociopathic and choose this way to express their mental illness.

            We need to understand this as best we can, and where we identify external, systemic reasons that people turn to this way of life, address those problems as well.
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              SecTrainer you hit the nail on the head! Remember the "bunds" all across this country, a pro-Nazi German-American organization in the 1930s? There was a worldwide depression and the Nazi's had an idea and some of our folks had a contorted dream. If you recall, it was all wrapped in the American flag and the picture of George Washington. The idea was that of a man named Kuhn. The Japanese had their "black dragons."
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                It would appear that so that there are so many loop holes where these groups can form, grow and sometimes are often subject to government grants under the disguise of political groups. Sadly in the last 20 odd years, the times of just saying "it won't happen to me" are long gone and we now need to be aware of when the next SHTF scenario. I applaud the USA for at least acknowledging this situation rather than placing the head in the sand like many idiots inside of our government in Australia.
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