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Its 2023...time to think about nuclear war again

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  • Its 2023...time to think about nuclear war again

    New York and Washington, DC for sure, for the obvious reasons. I would add Seattle to the list because of the nuclear submarine base at Hood Canal. While it is unlikely, events in recent years have shown how unstable the political situation can become. North Korea will not give up their program, and Putin keeps saber rattling with his tactical nukes.

    It should be a two prong approach - political and military strategies to avoid use of these weapons, and a strong civil defense program to ensure some survive. The problem is, shelters are expensive (it is unused space that doesn't generate profit), supplies must be restocked, etc. Most companies don't even have an adequate plan for a natural disaster, much less an attack.

    At least we can avoid the "Duck and Cover" turtle this time.