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  • Time to review the TSA

    Very long article about the flaws of the TSA. (Trigger warning: long anecdote about a trans woman and her difficulties going through the scanners). For those that don't remember 2001, it was a strange, scary time in America. A lot of it was "security theater" - like the 300 lbs., unarmed national guardsman I saw walking around the airport in November 2001 looking like he knew what he was doing. (I mean, I guess he could fall on the terrorists if he had to.)

    The first thing I thought of when they came up with the TSA was, "Oh great, another bloated government agency to waste taxpayer money..." Their attempt to not be racist with random checks led to all the sad, weird stories we've heard - children getting inappropriate pat downs, old ladies with colostomy bags being harassed, etc.

    For certain regions the pay isn't bad, but their toxic culture is bad - I've never met a former TSA worker who said it was a good job. The analysis of the threat of lone wolves is accurate - TSA is not equipped or prepared to deal with them; thankfully (at least in Seattle) the Port Police regularly train for such scenarios and could deal with a mass shooter or other terrorist scenario at the airport.
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