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Sovereign citizen house invasions

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  • Sovereign citizen house invasions

    There's been some sensational media attention about this. The case presented in the article is disturbing for sure. Mostly they occupy medium priced or expensive homes that have sat vacant, or quickly invade mansions when the previous owner moves out and the new owner hasn't moved in yet. I haven't read any accounts where they haven't vacated when the police or sheriff show up with the actual legal owner. I haven't seen any accounts of them attempting to do this with commercial properties.

    The DHS may want to squash this movement now, while they can. I won't even go into how wrong all of their arguments are; it's a rabbit hole for sure. I've only dealt with members of the white SC movement, which traces back to the 1970s and '80s when it was basically a tax evasion scam.

    I suspect a lot of the new activity is due to the defund the police movement, the outrageous price of housing in some markets and the weakening of government due to COVID. (A lot of houses sit vacant because it seems like everything from building permits to deed transfers have slowed to a snail's pace.)

    Yet another reason for security (especially residential guards) to know the law. These people will run circles around the average guard with their legal nonsense unless S/Os can calmly state the facts that prove the suspects are trespassing, and let them know the consequences.
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