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The Antifa experiment

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  • The Antifa experiment

    Portland, OR continues to see nightly violence and property destruction while the rest of the country has calmed down. Portland has a long history of tolerating anarchists (real and "paper tigers"); the vandals come up to Seattle every year on May Day to stir up trouble. Portland has the same problem as Seattle - weak politicians that don't want bad publicity. The Feds finally had to respond because the city wasn't getting the job done.

    As far as these arrogant teens - I predict that openly threatening the U.S. government with violence will not end well for them. It is one of those lines (like openly calling for a judge or politician to be killed) that is taken seriously and dealt with by the authorities. Hopefully the rest of Antifa will learn the lesson. The city leaders will also learn the hard way with less tax revenue - businesses are already closing and moving out of the city.
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    I really hope the officers recover. Anyone who thinks what is going on Portland or elsewhere is "peaceful" is some kind of rock stupid.