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Attack on ICE

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  • Attack on ICE

    This guy was known to police and was a self described anarchist and anti-fascist. Brought a rifle and incendiary devices to a protest at the building. The police had to fatally shoot him when he tried to ignite a propane tank.

    I post this because I'm always concerned about copycat crimes. If you do security near an ICE office or facility, I'd ramp up the situational awareness, regardless of how you feel about the political issue.

    Side note: Contrary to AOC's assertions, the focus of the raids is primarily on CRIMINAL aliens. Seattle is probably not on the list because even if deported, we just let them back in to our "sanctuary" city.
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    Update: this particular attack looks a lot like a "suicide by cop" scenario as well as a political crime. He wrote notes saying goodbye to his friends. Supposedly he was just trying to destroy property, which brings into question what the rifle was for. This is the kind of guy that's the most dangerous - nothing to lose.


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      He is now a martyr to the Antifa jerks. Notice no one on the Dems side is saying anything about this TERRORIST?