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  • Suspicious package identification

    Thought this might be useful for those of us that work at facilities that may be a target and have a central mail room. There are other resources on the internet that have more information and tips; type "suspicious package identification" in your search engine.

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    Or not. As an seasoned counter terror guru, I can say the DHS and associated govt agencies never fail to disappoint.

    These govt employees must think "terrorists" are at their level. "no return address"? LMAO! Do I need to explain? Maybe Soper can help us out as to how a "terrorist" might outsmart that US Govt "important indicator".

    Ditto with rest of "indicators". A 3rd grade girl can and will produce a perfectly constructed neat package. If the people that are supposedly sending bombs etc are so low level that means there would be lots of them, and there ain't any of them.

    What would a REAL bomb/chem/bio targeted at an individual look like???

    1)it would have their name, not just title.

    2)it would have "good stuff" written all over it, and done to a professional level. Not "bad tape", but fancy shiny "security" tape with a fortune 100 firm's logo in "3D" to "prevent counterfeiting".

    3)it would be "targeted" to the target. If its a nerd it would be "from Apple Labs: beta-test operating system for iPhone and new fastest memory chip". If it was a guy know to be an AR-I5 freak it might be "Daniel trigger springs enclosed: these are GAME CHANGERS".

    4)might be sample of wet, paste or even POSSIBLY powder that would naturally come in contact with a person....BUT NICELY PACKAGED, not "leaking" (shakes head). New perfume, gun cleaner, food spice, wine sample, soap. Just make wild claims and they WILL try it. Its like a "wet paint" sign. LOL.

    5)Delayed reaction. You don't want the enemy to figure out its deadly poison when their first level of underling drops stone dead 30 secs after trying the new skin cream. You want it to be 110% fatal but NOT until 72hrs after contact.

    6)Back to #3. The "sell" would go beyond the first layer. It would include a nice note about "as a recognized leader in the field, we are sending this to you for your valued opinion, and would be interested in working with you in future". And the 2nd layer wold also appear 110% legit, and would not be crude wires, elec tape and sticks of TNT. It would be "the item" in clear plastic, ready to present to Target Person.

    Where do I get this kind of insight? Mostly watching TV. Example: on Sons of Anarchy when the gang and all their friends, and friends families, etc were holded up in the shop/clubhouse during a "war" with rival gang, requiring much logistics just for living, they got a delivery of a keg of beer, which everyone assumed someone had ordered because it seemed natural someone would. Turns out it was a bomb. The rival gang didn't send a obviously damaged mystery package that had "low priority, let some underling handle this later" written all over it?. Go figure, they must not got the memo from DHS and USPS and FBI. lol

    Did I mention I nothing but great results in process service using a Pizza Box, with one fresh slice for the aroma to activate everyone's salivary glands while at same time turning off their brains? Everyone wants pizza but no one wants to pay for it so everyone else eats. PizzaMan goes right through to "the boss", like a Kung Fu sholin priest "walks through walls", especially because PizzaMan said it was "delivery for Mr Bigg, $34.99", and no one wants blame for cold pizza, or warm beer.

    Know the dynamic of The Game. A mail attack doesn't have to work. Its OK if a dozen fail and/or get tossed out of disinterest. Gonna be near impossible to trace, which is why its used.

    PS-the package shown? That is exactly what most of my outgoing mail looks like, especially the packages. I usually forget something, or return slip etc and need to re-open and retape. That also goes for any Applications or other heavy correspondence to heavy entities. Then they roll around a bit in the truck to get some oil staining and pickup a few random metal shavings, and who knows what else.
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      Yes, a determined terrorist is successful - the Unabomber's spree proves that. But deranged minds aren't so organized or diligent - I worked at an office building that had a threat against a Jewish attorney. The bird brain Nazi was so smart he didn't even bother to check the phone book or recon the building directory - the lawyer hadn't worked there for three years.

      A lot of your facts here are wrong, but in the interest of security, I'm not going to get into it. (You remind me of a local news report around 2001 that pointed out the vulnerability of a particular piece of Seattle infrastructure - my only thought was, "Well, thanks for helping the terrorists with target choices." )

      Given your postings here (this one especially) I'd say you need to live a very squeaky clean life, Squid.


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        Originally posted by Condo Guard View Post

        Given your postings here (this one especially) I'd say you need to live a very squeaky clean life, Squid.
        I've hung around some successful and "inventive" salespeople. Hint: Just as how in Japan any business contact MUST be by an introduction of....some guy, you can't just cold call.....any real terrorist package targeting it VIP would probably be "expected" due to ground work done on VIP's underlings.

        Real salesmen get the customer (or at least his underlings if a "whale") to seek out the salesman.

        They tell me you make 10X the money refusing to sell (but stealth marketing) as you do "selling".

        Real VIP protection starts with "What would I do?" (as an evil genius)

        Unabomber case cited as just how much of a joke "anti-terror" etc really is. While he had a high IQ supposedly, that wasn't required for his MO. IIRC his brother turned him in, and was repeatedly snubbed by authorities in doing so. They couldn't find their ass if they were in handcuffs.

        If I hadn't sat in on some Jr Police Cadet classes, I'd be convinced there was a conspiracy to keep the Unabomber free and active.
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