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    Take this with a grain of salt - I'm always suspicious when fired officials "sound the alarm" about anything. At the same time, we still seem to be way behind in recognizing the vulnerability of our voting machines and electrical grid.

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    Not only does USA out spend the rest of the world by ridiculous margin in straight Military, we also out spend the rest of the world in cyber-war stuff. NSA reads ALL emails, texts and records all phone calls. I hear if you factor out those in academic jobs, the NSA and include NSA funded works, NSA employees more Math PhDs than rest of world.

    However, this is not to protect USA from foreigners, its to illegally spy in US citizens (and 'clean' legal residents). See: Eric Snowden. Thus, we are wide open to attack from a nation like Russia, with less than 20% of our GDP, that is about 20yrs behind South Korea in computer stuff.

    Did I mention we have the biggest military imbalance the world has ever seen, yet Americans live in fear of well known named criminal gangs (associated with their semi-hostile govts, sort of like Privateers) that come and go across our borders as they please?

    I keep hearing about how all our CIA, FBI etc all agree and confirm there was "Russian meddling" via SOCIAL MEDIA(???) but haven't seen any examples of those very public SOCIAL MEDIA posts. IIRC the only example presented was a post about how "Hillary is in league with SATAN" and "an Exploiter and poisoner of children", etc and didn't seem to be from a native English speaker/writer. More like someone's babushka had a few vodkas and snuck onto their Facebook when they weren't looking.

    We don't need to worry about RUSSIANS and our voting, we need to look at our own systems and their rampant corruption. Even the poorest nations in Africa and India have figured out how to hold and conduct elections that are 99.999% water-tight. Currently, as required by various Judges, our elections have about as much credibility as a 1960s Hawaiian birth cert. You fill out a form and mail in and no one checks anything....BY LAW.

    The 1st Amend limits CONGRESS's ability to censor what any American, or any other person, might wish to hear or read from ANY other person, including Russia "troll farms" or other mythical and magical entities. 1st Amend limits CONGRESS's authority, without any mention of geographical or content limits of Constitution's authority to limit Congress's authority over "Press".

    MY counter cyber-war analysis says all this mythical "Russian election meddling via SOCIAL MEDIA(???) and "false info" is all prepping Americans to give up Freedom of Speech in the theory that we have to protect our minds from un-Govt approved info sources.

    If Russian "meddling" (note how they must use a ridiculously broad and general term) was even a real thing the obvious counter would be to mark all the "meddling" posts and let people see for themselves.
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      Valid points, but I think some of this is apples and oranges. I've kind of tuned out the whole Russian thing; I think the best line I've heard was on one of the Sunday shows, where the commentator asked WHY Russia had so much influence on the election. The guest got right to the point: "A poorly informed electorate and a failed public education system." (The solution being to teach high school and college kids how to think logically and with discernment; the only problem with that is they might see through the leftist agenda - lol.)

      The NSA is one of those agencies (like the CIA) that got too big, too secret and has been under regulated for so long they essentially operate with no oversight. That having been said, our cyber security IS vulnerable, despite our bloated national defense budget. Without veering into "Coast to Coast AM" territory, we should be worried about the national power grid, which has been shown to need improvement in both infrastructure and security (physical and cyber) in several studies over the past 10 to 15 years.

      Voting machines and vote count systems are complicated because each state handles their own, so you are coordinating 50 entities. Once again, the right and left ignore the elephant in the room and focus on "voter fraud" and "voter suppression," both valid but very small problems. I agree with your point about other countries - we treat the issue of valid elections as so, so complicated now, but other republics seen to be able to do it with less money and drama.


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        Voter Fraud is rampant and common across American society. I've known ranking Hispanic gang member organizing bus loads of fraud voters going from poll to vote for McCain against Obama, due to belief Obama would push Gay Agenda in schools. I've also known Midwestern farm communities where its SOP for parents to vote for their kids long after the kids have left for the big city, due to Empty Nest feelings I guess. IIRC in case of divorce kid's votes are split to parent of same gender, IE dad votes for sons, etc. Naturally, the kids cast their own legit votes in the "Big City".

        Obama won his first local election by knocking Dem Party boss's chosen off the ballot by (mysteriously) hiring legions of lawyers of "cage" the sigs. Over 2/3 of sigs collected by mainstream Chicago Dem Party worker bees were "bad". Those were sigs to get on the ballot, but does anyone believe they weren't also Votes on election day, and had been for last several decades?

        Since the "Two Party System" mathematically creates close races, wide spread voter fraud (or suppression) means ELECTIONS ARE DECIDED BY FRAUD.

        I find all cries from Left Wing about "suppression" to be fake. VALID elections are the only real weapon the poor have against "the man". Without good voter verification valid votes are DILUTED. Why is the Left so in favor of diluting valid votes? Anyone legit supporting "the poor" or "the masses" will be 110% in favor of strict voter verification, and election verification.

        Lower Classes being against "suppression" hoping some Illegal Aliens or non-citizens will boost their numbers is like pocketing a few free packs of sugar from the bank's coffee setup, while the bank robo-forcloses your house. "The Man" will steal the entire election making all real voting meaningless. We see this all over the world constantly. Its more common than legit elections.

        PS-"The White House"(Trump) just created a new "Cyber Command" and put them on par with other "commands". That is the bad news. The good news is, judging from the career US Army officer in charge, if we ever need to find someone able to use Lotus 123 spreadsheets or WordPerfect, he is probably the guy. OK, probably his secretary from 30 yrs ago, but still.
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