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Evaluating the TSA

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  • Evaluating the TSA


    A good summary of the issues, even if a bit biased. Some of the issues are oversimplified; a lot of people don't fly because they don't want to wait in line to get crammed into a flying sardine can. (That's the airline's issues, not TSA's.) The behavioral profiling program is better than just randomly selecting people for extra screening, or harassing a white grandma in a wheelchair just to show they're not racially profiling.

    A private system might be more efficient, but I wonder if it would become what TSA was supposed to replace - a bunch of poorly paid, poorly trained guards like the rest of the contract security industry.

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    Better TSA than the old Airport Security Mafia that ripped off customers and provided ZERO real security.


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      worked with a guy that became some sort of Fed airport police. Said process to become one was grueling. Just completing the application to get the background sounded grueling. IIRC just the app was several weeks. The training for X-ray, searching also grueling. Then he quit about 2 weeks into the actual job. Said he just couldn't take it. I don't think it was TSA, but some more "real Fed cop" gig.

      Seems like any half committed "terrorist" or group could EASILY defeat TSA at will. Don't seem to be any huge penalties for even most brazen attempts, like "forgetting" you had a disassembled gun and ammo in your carry on.

      IMO no recent immigrants from problem areas should be allowed to fly. By "recent" I mean after 1965, including US born offspring. It ain't like that would be taking away anything they'd have if they stayed in their homelands.

      In addition, anyone with a "record" including arrest w/out convictions for stuff like Resisting Arrest, Drunk and Disorderly, etc. That United Airlines doctor had been caught dealing drugs to junkies for gay sex. Nuff said.

      No one with any theft convictions should be allowed in the airport at all, or any widely defined touristy type districts.

      I've known several people, including successful biz exec and lawyer types who are afraid to fly and it doesn't seem to cramp their style too much.
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