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Israel warns of Iranian threats worldwide

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  • Israel warns of Iranian threats worldwide

    At a closed meeting Israeli security experts warned of possible attacks in the U.S. against various targets, including Jewish community centers. The other concern mentioned is that since the Saudi plot, collateral damage does not appear to concern the Iranian regime.

    Granted, given the current tensions there will be proganda and misinformation on both sides, but something to think about.

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    I think Israel will take out much of Iran's nuke capabilities before this Summer.
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      Khamenei ramps it up

      I suspect you're right, Curtis - part of this is Israel signalling they'll act on their own if they feel their security is at stake, and they tend to not hesitate in these matters. A strike by Israel would "stir things up" among the jihadists for sure.
      As Paul Harvey used to say, "The rest of the story..." is that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave a speech Friday in which he announced Iran will support "any nation or group" that oppposes "the Zionist regime across the world", and that the U.S. and the West are "arrogant" and "fading" powers who will not succeed.
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        Isreal Will Do What Isreal WIll Do

        Look, here's the thing about Israel. They will listen politely (most of the time) to what we and a select few others have to say but when push comes to shove Israel will look after its own interests. They will try to act covertly at first. I mean seriously, what do you think happened to those nuclear scientists in Iran? But if Israel feels threatened and if they perceive no help from their allies, then they will act ... extremely overtly.

        I don't know what they have planned, but believe you me, they do have a plan. Israel will act on its own if they see no option despite the pontifications of the current occupant of the oval office.
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          wish for peace of the world

          Why can't people live on the earth peaceful? Did the united nations act on it? It seems aim to protect people and keep peace.
          Seems some guys like war. But so many people will die on the war. It is so terrible for women and children there. Hope no war there.


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            You can wish for peace for the world, but, humans make war. Always have, always will. Peace is just a brief interlude between wars. And as for the Israeli's, you can bet they have many plans. They will stop any perceived threat. The Iranians will not stop their path to nuclear armament. The Israeli's think the Iranian's have bad intent and a sinister purpose. Dig your foxhole deep.


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              hope the world will be peaceful soon.




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