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    Here is another interesting posting. What exactly to they mean by "Ten or more years of experience in an applicable risk management environment"? As some people of this forum already know, most of my experience is in the public sector. The county I worked for has a Risk Manager, but that isn't what I did. I have been a police officer, deputy sheriff, and now law enforcement officer. Is this a private sector generic term for anybody that works in public safety? I Googled it, but I really didn't find anything that refers to risk management environment. I do have my emergency management certification, so maybe I will apply and see if that works for them.

    Once again, no salary range is mentioned. Does anybody here have any thoughts on that?


    Job Description - Director of Security Access and Programs (170039291)
    Director of Security Access and Programs-170039291
    At U.S. Bank, we're passionate about helping customers and the communities where we live and work. The fifth-largest bank in the United States, we’re one of the country's most respected, innovative and successful financial institutions. U.S. Bank is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a diverse workforce. We consider all qualified applicants without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status, among other factors.

    Join our growing team! We offer an exciting opportunity as a Director of Security Access and Programs at U.S. Bank. This position will be responsible for the corporate security program designed to identify, control, monitor, and mitigate all current and potential security risks. This key leadership role will establish standards, programs, and processes. This position will be a source of expert advice on security risk management to senior leaders across the business and corporate functions.

    Core responsibilities:
    • Develop and manage a Company security program capable of identifying, controlling, and mitigating all current and potential security risks.
    • Monitor risks related to the security of the company and the impact to operations in all markets.
    • Engage business leaders and key stakeholders locally and worldwide to advocate for and promote a culture of security for all employees and property.
    • Coordinate program activities and establish best practices across all markets to create harmonization and common methodologies to protect our employees, stakeholders and assets.
    • Establish effective networks with other security support teams and local advisers.
    • Establish and develop relationships with external agencies and law enforcement bodies.
    • Manage and lead the company’s security response to crisis situations.


    Basic Qualifications

    • Bachelor's degree, or equivalent work experience

    • Ten or more years of experience in an applicable risk management environment

    • Applicable certifications.

    Preferred Skills/Experience
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Criminal Justice or a related field.
    • Minimum of 10+ years of experience and demonstrated success in positions of increasing responsibility within Security or Protection Services, or an applicable risk environment.
    • Must be able to obtain Armed Security Officer (ASO) certification
    • Experience developing, implementing, and managing core physical security programs, and tactical deployment of security technologies
    • Demonstrated knowledge of security best practices
    • Demonstrated track record of partnering with business lines to consult / advise on key aspects of security, including physical, personnel, and supply chain
    • Ability to develop working knowledge of all areas of the organization and the ability to develop a clear understanding of the company’s key functional processes and resources
    • The ability to analyze processes and problems and recommend resolutions.
    • Interpersonal skills to influence a broad and diverse group of stakeholders across the organization
    • Ability to assess risk and make business-focused recommendations
    • Demonstrated strong decision-making ability during both crisis and non-crisis situations


    Compliance / Quality Control Primary Location

    Minnesota-MN-Saint Paul Shift

    1st - Daytime
    Average Hours Per Week 40

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    This is kind of an odd ad. They ask for "appropriate certifications" but don't say what those are. This looks like a high end "suit job" - not sure why they want you to be armed (or qualified to be armed), unless there is some executive protection involved (which there may be). You'll have to know some IT security as well as the physical stuff.

    "Risk management" is both a generic and specific term, hence the confusion. Even the title is kind of weird - "Security Access and Programs." I don't know much about US Bank's corporate culture, so I can't tell you how they operate. I'd say try to find an organizational chart or similar, either through research or somebody you know that works there - seeing who reports to who might give you a clue as to what they're looking for.


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      It's a bank management position. They won't disclose more unless you are in the running.


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        No you do not have the qualifications.


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          Originally posted by Tom Horn View Post
          No you do not have the qualifications.
          Who doesn't?


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            I think where the frustration lies is a lack of clarity. There are a lot if niche positions where you don't have to list the qualifications needed; the people in that specific industry know what's required and what level of degree is needed. Corporate security is that gray area where they want someone with security expertise, but they also want a person who is in that industry, so they understand the goals of the company.

            I have to agree with Soper - this is really a bank manager job, but they're hoping they can find someone exactly like their last guy. But don't give up - I say this with heavy sarcasm, but one of my previous supervisors made a career of b.s.-ing his way up the corporate ladder to a $70,000 a year director position. He really had no experience (or even knew what he was doing), but I guess charm and good acting skills go a long way.

            So, my true point is don't let ads determine alone what you do - if you think you might be a good fit, apply.
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              Bingo! Always apply if you think you meet at least 3/4 of the requirements.


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                "Basic Qualifications

                • Bachelor's degree, or equivalent work experience

                • Ten or more years of experience in an applicable risk management environment

                • Applicable certifications."


                'or EWE' = better than grandma PC skills, but doesn't need to be equal to 14yr old "gamer"

                'Ten years ARME'= you can handle yourself in a white collar setting without 'house breaking'

                App Certs= you haven't let your Guard Card expire, or your DL

                The rest of qualifications is all Fuzzy Stuff and some HR manager on the crack pipe trying to sound like his HR job is real. it ain't.

                You don't need to know Unix for this job, just how to not loose the keys to the vault.