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    Default Central Station Alarm Receivers

    What is the best central station receiver currently available on the market?
    I will be monitoring dial-up alarms using standard POT lines. I have been looking at the Silent Knight 9500 and 9800 receivers, the SurGard System III, and the Ademco MX8000. Any thoughts or preferences?

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    Default Receivers

    It will depend on what the primary panel and/or the type format you want to receive. If you are using Radionics, their receiver is what I recommend. If you're using DMP their receiver is best.
    Remember if you are automated and receive signals in different formats, you're software provider must convert the signals properly. That usually requires a program different from everyone else to fit your operation.
    The best overall configuration I have used is Surguard with DICE software. The combo seems to covert very well except DMP or Westec.

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    Default Central Station Receivers

    The Surgard System III is the best. However, these manufacturers get you tied in to them with the service contracts and updates, etc. The best system for you will be one that allows expansion and is designed to grow with you in the future. Are you going to do IP monitoring in the future? POTS lines are getting sketchy with phone companies running their data over Voip lines without telling you, the central station, that they are doing it. Also, more people are going cell only and a lot of customers get Voip without notifying the central station. Also, have you considered doing IP as the primary line and using a pots line as a backup? Another consideration is if you are going to be UL or not. That will depend on your insurance and the risks you are willing to take. Lastly, what will your backup communications system be? If you are using Pots only and a trunk or the carrier has a malfunction while doing an upgrade, the silence will be deafening...

    Good luck!

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