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    How are your LP departments organized at the store, district, and national levels?
    At the company I work for it kind of goes like this-

    Corporate Director of Loss Prevention
    Senior Investigator
    Regional LPM (2-3 States)
    District LPM (One State, 3-8 Stores)
    Store LPM
    Lead LP Agent (full time)
    LP Agent (full or part time)

    Also, are you directly responsible to a LP professional or the Store General Manager? I am kinda split between the two.
    District Manager controls course of investigations and overal coordination, Store Manager controls our interface with the
    store and administration (budget, hiring and other issues).

    What would you change about your LP organization and are any things that you can note
    as being helpful in organizational hirearchy?

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    My employer is slightly different in the sense that we have

    1 x National LPM (Me) now NRM (National Risk Mgr)

    @ 5 x State LPM's
    @ 6 x RLPO's
    @ 124 x LPO / Audit Officers
    @ 3 x Asian Country LPM's
    @ 4 x Auditors

    @ 1 x OHS Manager (Safety)
    @ 1 x Return to Work Co-ordinator
    @ 4 x HR / OHS Officers (State level)
    @ 2 x OHS Site Investigators

    We have stores in parts of Asia but that is a small part of our operations. No1 reports to any regional or store staff just back to me but we do work alongside them and yes there has been some firm understandings of WHO reports to WHOM.

    In a traditional retail environment there are too many bosses. I would never work in a store level role again because everyone is called a manager and apart from the store manager, and their deputies or duty managers, I don't believe the LPM should be reporting to anyone but a national role or RLPM. Too confusing and with so many different bosses it becomes a nightmare about whom to follow.

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    Smile LP organization

    Ours goes something like this:

    LP Director / Regional LPM
    District LPM
    Store LPM
    LP Team Lead-FT
    LPA's-FT & PT
    Our LPA's sometimes include anywhere from 4-6 FT and 1-2 PT. It varies of course, especially now that we've gotten a new LPM it may look some thing like just 6 FT LPA's. That's not counting the LPTL. And yes, our LPM does report to the Store Manager also. I really don't know what I would change if I had the chance. We sometimes don't see a huge need for the LPTL position but then again there are times when it's needed.
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