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    Lawsuit Over Retail Theft Database That Wrongfully Labeled Job Seekers as Criminals Settles for $2.38 Million. Anybody shocked over this?

    August 7, 2014Thomas Ahearn

    A Pennsylvania federal judge has approved a settlement for $2.38 million in a class action lawsuit that alleged a retail theft database used for background checks wrongfully labeled job seekers as criminals even if they were not convicted of a crime, according to a report by TopClassActions.com.

    TopClassActions.com reports LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc. agreed to suspend its Esteem retail theft database under terms of the settlement. The company also agreed to set more stringent requirements to protect job seekers if the database is used for employment background checks in the future.

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    The only entity in this country that can label you a criminal without a conviction is the federal government. (Weak attempt at sarcasm.)

    Even if you sign a statement at XYZ department store that says you stole from them, I'm assuming that is not a public record. Even if the statement says they can release it to third parties, I'd be very wary of doing so.

    I do see the value of such databases, but given all the errors people complain about in their credit reports, I'm not surprised the plaintiffs won.

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    We used to get letters from theft database companies asking us to verify such cases. Unless we had video, a signed admission, and all the identification info matched, the company would not tell whatever employer requesting the check about the incident.
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