***** The statistics for June 2014 that I could find on the internet. The numbers are NOT all inclusive as I'm sure many incidents do not make it to the internet and/or I did not find them all. It appears to be a good month with NO security officers being killed/murdered on duty that I could find. All articles that I used to find these numbers could not be posted as requested, as it makes the message too long (55,000+ characters and a message is limited to 10,000). If anyone wants the articles simply PM me and I will be happy to email the file to you! *****

June 2014

Assaulted: 19
* 1 incident includes on duty S/O being robbed of personal property

Assaulted w/ weapon: 6
Knife: 1 Car: 3 Mace: 2

Killed: (Murdered: )

Attempted Assault w/ Weapon: 5
Car: 4 Other: 1 (beer bottle)

Security Shoots Suspect: 3 Killed: 2

Shot: 6
*1 includes armed robbery/carjacking of on-duty s/o

Shot At: 2

Threatened with weapon: 2
Gun: *2
* 1 gun incident includes on duty S/O being car jacked (assaulted & robbed)