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    The caliphate that jihadists envision (and have intentions of establishing) is worldwide. Of course, we might tend to dismiss such a notion as impossible, which it probably is - but doing so misses the point.

    Whether they ultimately fail or not, the ACTIONS they will take in their ATTEMPTS to extend the reach of this caliphate are what we need to be concerned about, not whatever we think the final outcome will be. Their ambitions might well be futile in the long run, but that doesn't mean that they're any the less dangerous right now. We can't look the other way merely because we think their objective is impractical or even foolish. They'll shed a lot of blood before they're defeated - and they won't be defeated unless we take them seriously.

    When someone tells you what they intend to do, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM whether you think they'll succeed or not. They can do plenty of harm even if they don't quite meet their objectives.

    On a smaller scale closer to home, a disgruntled employee says "I'm going to take you all out" but he's dismissed as a kook or someone who's "just talking". People snort and say "Not very likely!"

    But then he comes and "only" manages to kill 4 employees before he's taken down. No, he didn't manage to kill everyone, but did it make sense not to pay attention to what he said he would do?

    We, as security and law enforcement professionals, should not be the ones who commit the sin of not paying attention.
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    I get the feeling that there will be reprisal attacks to the Muslim community here in the united states when something happens to jump off. I could see with the amount of training available to civilians in regards to explosives, tactical shooting and servicemen with highly specialized training looking for jobs all add up to a terror campaign that is waiting to be unleashed. The American people are getting tired of being attacked and will lash back eventually.
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    Europe is having it worse. Recently a Swedish Green Party MP compared Swedish muslims going to fight for the ISIS and similar groups with the Swedish volunteers to our country in the Second World War (when we fought for our independence against a Soviet invasion, heh) and our Social Democrats have been concerned over the welfare and wellbeing of muslim fighters from Finland when they come back from the Syrian Civil War etc.

    The only solution would be not to allow these people back to the country at all, or imprison them for any applicable criminal offense, instead of these absurdities. The amount of "useful idiocy" I'm seeing from European leftists in relation to Islamic extremism and Islamism in general is just shocking.

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    Default Polar Deer is right

    Polar Deer's remarks are right on the money. I caught the very end of an interview with one of the US National Security advisors on early morning radio - what an eye opener. I knew that within the EU travel between countries was fairly easy. I was not aware that there are EU countries that the US does not require a visa for - you can just come on over.

    There are estimates of at least 100 US citizens fighting as jihadists in Syria and Iraq. The other concern is that European fighters will slip back to Europe, then possibly come to the US. There is no way to track them all, and they generally won't get picked up unless we can prove they were "fighting for a foreign power," which is against the law.

    We can hope most of these guys die on the battlefield - but we (the West) better wise up before they return...

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