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    Default Caller ID Spoofing


    I have this on the General Subject because this could happen to you on your cell phone at the Guard Shack
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    One of the local Seattle stations just did a story on this. The elderly are especially vulnerable, because the criminal telemarketers can change their caller ID to look like the business or agency they claim to be calling from.

    The problem, as usual, is this is some guy sitting in his house in the Bahamas or India using a computer with both the spoofing technology and an anonymizer, so there's no way to find the actual number or IP address they're calling from. And if it is a sophisticated scam, the call back number listed will go to the guy in the next room, who of course will answer the phone as "Internal Revenue Service" or "Bank of America Customer Service," etc.

    If these criminals were actually coming to our country and doing this we'd be imposing trade sanctions, firing off diplomatic protests and possibly deploying troops. But because it is all electronic, Uncle Sam and Bank of America won't care until it hits their bottom line, not yours.

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