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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild Dog View Post
    I see no need to carry money while on duty. I bring my lunch everyday, I once read that spartan warriors in training were fed only bread and oatmeal to build character so that's what I eat everyday. I also, before every shift, look at myself in my rearview and scream "Spartans don't retreat! Spartans don't surrender!"

    Spooky me too

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotelSecurity View Post
    I don't visdit those clubs but I would imagine it is very hard to dance with underwear filled with $1 & $2 coins. On the other hand since our lowest paper currency is the $5 bill they are probably making more. Oops there is a problem with that too. Our bills are now made of plastic, not paper. The edges are sharper!
    Well I can tell ya for damn sure that you cannot pay for a dance with the swipe of a VISA....I'm still nursing my broken wrist

    Just kidding, I don't visit stripjoints either for a number of reasons....Anyways, the odd time I carry cash on me, it's a single double-digit bill or two, just in case the gas station's debit machine is down or I forget to pack my lunch/drinks for the shift. I also carry coins to tip the girls working at Timmie's.
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