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    Labor board has no say. Unless there are multiple safety issues ongoing, not a one off.

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    Post Document everything

    I've been threatened directly many times...But every single one of those threats came from a mentally ill individual, who--under normal circumstances and proper medication--was not likely to carry out their threat.

    Had one individual--while I was letting patients out for their cigarette--come up to me "You'd better open this door or else!" So I lower my swipe card, turn and look at him and ask him "Are you seriously threatening an officer?" (any misbehaviour would result in their privileges being burned until their next visit with the shrink) he steps back and says "No way man...I'm scared of you, I was just jokin..." I then proceeded to let everyone out, then just made a little blurb in my Daily.

    Another individual who felt I had delayed his dinner by being in the kitchen (at the cook's request, as she wanted me to be able to quickly reach either unit's dining area as she felt uneasy that day) This individual proceeded to tell me I should hope he never catches me out of uniform...I wasn't scared, simply because out of uniform means off the clock and no longer bound by UoF regs...But I made sure to let his nurse know and put something in my Daily.

    I have also had ignorant white trash hicks on other sites come out with "My wages pay fer yer ass, hurrr."

    Bottom line, you represent some form of authority, you stop people from doing what they want to do, people don't like that. You will get threatened sometimes....DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Leave a paper trail, if something ever happens, you can't say that reports weren't filed and phone calls weren't made, warnings weren't given, etc. If you feel your are in immediate danger, GTFO if possible and call the police and document everything. C.Y.A
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    On my own part my security CV consists mostly of "medium to high risk" accounts and tasks, including retail and mall security on the main job and response team assignments in event security as well as door gigs in a few somewhat unsavoury pubs.

    I've been in six-month HIV/Hepatitis monitoring as a result of getting spit on the face from a drug addict with confirmed hepatitis B, and have had knives, IV needles, etc. pulled by subjects during apprehension or ejection several times, though I've always won the proverbial gold medal in those encounters. Obviously, there's also been the larger number of combative subjects without any kind of weaponry around. I don't really remember any exact statistics but I've had to use the OC, the collapsible baton and handcuffs all within this year.

    I recognize this as an obvious side effect in my line of work and the nature of tasks I engage in. In my main account a lot of the people we deal with are drug addicts, alcoholics etc., while in the aforementioned side-gigs it's the drunken regular people causing most of the problems.

    At the mall, the typical situations where such threats may come from are apprehensions of shoplifters as well as ejections of people drinking or using drugs indoors or generally causing a disturbance. In events it can be anything from people climbing over fences to avoid paying to breaking up brawls or ejecting people too drunk to be allowed on the premises.

    Knowing what you should and shouldn't do in the expected problem situations helps out a lot.

    As for the OP's question, I've had some past assignments where the employer has been negligent in arranging for a backup option and appropriate protective equipment, and with my present experience would never agree to that sort of thing anymore. If the employer expects the security officer to actively intervene in things on shift, then he should try and make it as safe as possible for the officer to do his job. This includes giving people the tools they need, possibly higher manning levels, backup options, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pop pop View Post
    You friend did right by moving on, like soap said' it's not worth your life. Besides, there is plenty of great gigs out there then being parked out in front of some Rudy poo parking lot..
    LMAO!! "Rudy poo". You just made me time travel back to '86 when a brand new know it all recruit stood quaking in his shoes because the nastiest human being that he had ever met just roared in his face about not getting off his bus fast enough. "Do you need your mama to help you, Rudy-poo??" LOLOL. Thanks, brother!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacticalguy View Post
    LMAO!! "Rudy poo". You just made me time travel back to '86 when a brand new know it all recruit stood quaking in his shoes because the nastiest human being that he had ever met just roared in his face about not getting off his bus fast enough. "Do you need your mama to help you, Rudy-poo??" LOLOL. Thanks, brother!
    That flashed me back to 1967....now I'm stuck there.

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