I recently started working part-time for a local private contract company during my days off of the full-time Federal gig. The

part-time job pays the minimum wage of $9.19 per hour in Washington State...and I don't mind a bit. The job site is a small,

isolated county port in the middle of nowhere next to a large river. It's comprised of nothing but grain silos, docked grain

barges, and railroad tracks crisscrossing out into the country. For part of the night my duty is to monitor the deviant

activities of a group of longshoremen hell-bent on disrupting the barge traffic of some of the grain companies at the site.

Despite the seemingly lack of glamour, I've come to realize that the job itself is...therapeutic. The job entails performing

walking patrols of one of the grain company properties, as well as vehicle patrols of the barge docking area for eleven hour


As far as the unexpected qualities that I've come to enjoy about the job...where do I start? I genuinely enjoy the small

details like the moonlight reflecting off of the river on clear nights, listening to the waterfowl and their concerts on the

moonlit water, and the herds of deer patrolling the property alongside me, to name a few. I even enjoy watching the

longshoremen on their boats who are, in turn, watching me on the shoreline. I guess I'm posting this random rambling for

a couple of reasons. The first reason is to ask all of you if you've ever had a job that had unexpected perks. The second

reason is to ask all of you what those specific perks are or were. I'm looking forward to hearing your responses.