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    Quote Originally Posted by Squid View Post
    Do a "tourist photo" thing like they got at ski resorts, but different.

    At ski resorts they got photographers up on top of mountain who for a small fee will take you and your friends pic with nice big good camera (presumably so beginner skiers don't need to risk bringing own camera and breaking it in crash).

    At Spring Break you take pics of kids doing "memorable" things, then a week after send them rough grainy copies with an offer to sell them "exclusive rights" to the high resolution copies and negs.

    So if some rich kid from a 'good family' wants to keep photos of him making out with tranny hooker out of "public domain" all he needs to do is buy the copyright of photo for $1000.
    I understand that in the States each state has it's own criminal code so maybe it is legal in some (yea, sure) but under Canada's single crimial code this is called Blackmail.

    Besides, the parents wouldn't believe it. In the past we have had to use force to break up a fight. An irate mother called the hotel threatening to sue us for using excessive force on her poor innocient Johnny. When it was explained that young Johnny was out of control & hurt another person badly & risked getting hurt himself, force was used by us. Not her Johnny. When we went on to explain that the most force used against him was by the police when he resisted them. Sheimmediately thanked us for controlling him so he did not hurt or hurt someone else, right? Wrong. She asked for the phone number of the police because now she was going to sue them!
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