Anyone have any firsthand knowledge of these guys? They're currently advertising for six positions in my area, with starting pay at $18.50 for officers and $21.25 for supervisors. The ad says commercial and residential, but I've yet to find a contract anywhere in Ohio that pays that much other than Federal government contracts (and the ad doesn't allude to that). The position is talked up pretty well-all equipment, duty belt, weapons, etc. is provided and they allegedly drive Chargers for their patrol vehicles. They do seem legit; they have a website, not the greatest and undoubtedly has canned/internet generic photos on it, but all in all not a typical Craigslist ad that is a spamming engine/company.

Trying to figure out if this would be worth my while if they give me a sniff. Don't want to get onboard with a company that has serious issues, or is just really piss poor when it comes to management/operations; all the pay in the world can't make up for a dysfunctional organization (and I've had the unfortunate pleasure of working at a couple). Any insight is appreciated.