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    Default How do I make my DVR Wireless?

    In order for the DVR to communicate with an internet connection so that the DVR interface can be viewed online or from a smartphone, the DVR must be connected to a router. Typically, the DVR must be hard-wired using a LAN internet cable, but Netgear produces an adapter that can allow your DVR to communicate wirelessly with your router.

    The adapter you'll need to make your DVR wireless is the NETGEAR- Universal Wi-Fi Wireless-N Dual Band USB Adapter (Netgear Part Number WNCE3001)

    What sets this device apart from other wireless network adapters is that it does not require any drivers to be downloaded to the device that you are connecting it to. Other WiFi adapters will not work because your DVR is not capable of downloading the necessary drivers that other WiFi adapters need.

    We tested the Netgear WNCE3001 in house using an NVR, older model DVR, and newer model DVR. The device always connects with no issues.

    The Netgear WNCE3001 will work on both WPS routers and non-WPS routers.

    You will still need a router connected to an active internet connection. This device will not connect your DVR with 3G or 4G networks, and it cannot connect your DVR to your neighbor's unsecured WiFi network.

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