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    Camerman, I laughed hard as **** at your post. The end.
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    "Expert" is something like "leader". It's not a title that you can ever claim for yourself no matter what you might know or might have done. It's a title that others bestow on you based on their assessment of what you know and what you have done.


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    I've also noticed my eyesight has been going wonky lately, particularly since I've been on the meds this past week; I've been using reading glasses for close up or small text and everything else near or far has been fine. now I have to wear my glasses even to see the TV screen 6 feet away clearly...

    I don't normally wear glasses, and i've noticed this is somewhat disconcerting particularly while i'm driving. For instance, the numbers on a height warning sign for an overpass don't appear clear to me until I'm right on top of it...

    My eyes (and the rest of me) are almost 48 years old, so I expect some breakdown of the original parts, but I'm thinking now that full time glasses are in order, I'm equally concerned about the cost. with my ER and extended hospital stay, I'm already realistically looking at $40K in hospital bills for just one week... Haven't seen the actual numbers yet, but seeing as I needed a hospital financial assistant worker, I must not be far off...
    Flashlightcop. I do not mean to scare you but get yourself to an eye doctor right away. Diabetic Rentnopathy can comeon quickly. There are treatments (lazer). But you must be seen soon. I talk from experience. I had to give up my driver's licence a few years ago due to it. Good luck.
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    You know what's cool about this forum? The Good things you all have to say about Flashlight Cop
    From Camerman in Baltimore to HS in Montreal. Darn good people
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    Quote Originally Posted by flashlightcop509 View Post
    Yup, my life sucks, but thanks to the missus I'm still alive...

    Got 3 stents put in on Sun, went home on Tues, whole new thing I gotta get used to now... Sux...

    Take care of yourself dude! Kudos to your wife for saving your life. That rhymes doesn't it? Feel free to use it when you write your thankyou card to her.

    Any day I wake up and I am still vertical is a good day.
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