We have a field supervisor that is a bit overzealous. I recently had an emergency during a storm that resulted in a large 110 oak fall on my house resulting in some damage, loss of power and phone service. I called in advising I would be unavailable for a few days. Shortly after that my SV showed up and asked why I was not coming in.

Excuse me, tree on my house!?

It kind of did not set well with me on that. I think he acted on his own but and I contacted my area mgr about it and advised him that I thought that was a a little ridiculous. This SV has a history of "spying" on employees but mostly on job sites. Though I have noting to worry about I think unless you are a problem employee SV's or the company should not be snooping on people trying to catch them at something.

But I think it brings up a good question. Are you subject to being checked on by your company when not working whether your off duty, sick or have an legitimate emergency? Working a high end posiiton perhaps with a security clearance or related might justify it. But as a common guard I think the company needs to mind their own business.