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    Default The Gator Ate My Taser - We Named Him Sparky

    Hello from Florida!

    The boring stuff:
    Name - Yes but it changes frequently depending on the mood my wife is in!
    Location - Depends on whether my wife is looking for me and/or who's buying the beer.
    Age - Oh yeah - got a bunch of that. That's not the issue - the issue is, have I learned anything in the process?
    Sex - No.
    Married - My wife told me to say "Yes".
    Experience - Yes - enough to know better. There is a direct correlation with "age", no correlation with "smart".

    Semi-relevant information:
    Florida Class D, G, WX
    Certifications - CPO, CHSO, CAHSO, CHSS, CPR, AED, TASER, ASP, OC, ETC-ETC-ETC----
    Have never shot a .50 cal Desert Eagle at anything, yet - Am not on a first-name basis with Mr. Rambo, yet - have never partied with Beyonce in a swimming pool filled with green jello - yet.

    I am NOT the law is these-here parts - there is always someone who can do things better than I - I am not entitled to respect from people, I have to earn it - I wear a badge for the sole purpose of letting people know who I am if they need help - sometimes it is better to be thought a fool than to open my mouth and confirm all suspicion.

    Short term objective - make it till dinner and go home safe tonight.
    Long term objective - string together a bunch of short term objectives.

    God bless - use your head AND your heart - be safe.

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    I want to hear the story about that gator

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