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    Default School Security Services RFP

    I found this detailed RFP on the web, after getting a call from a reader. I'd love to have your thoughts on the RFP (from both an end-user perspective, and from the perspective of a security services provider).



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    This is nothing more than the school district trying to dump the union protections. The line that stated that the union could bid in place of a security contractor is what gave it away along with who the union is. That is what they want from the looks of it, release all liability to the union, include the standard "if we want him gone he's gone" clause so they skip around the union protections and can get rid of people with out going through the appeal processes, include all the standard indemnification clauses. They even specifically state that the company must have 5 other school districts they provide security services for. Most schools either have in house exclusively or a combination of in house and local LE liasons, resource officers, etc. They would be hard pressed to find 1 company that could show current service to 5 school districts especially in that area. The only entity that could easily show that service is the LE union. It is sad that it has come to this but I imagine that the union will be working hard to save those positions and perhaps check back for updates to this. I don't imagine they will get too many bids but the ones they will get will be big money and even with a 40% or so built in profit you'll probably lose that to unemployment claims and time spent on union complaints within the first year. I certainly wouldn't bid it.

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