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    Default Resume Question For First Loss Prevention Job

    ::Thank you::
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    Well that "blip" doesn't belong on your resume. A resume should only cover positive things that allow you to shine, the goal is afterall to get your foot in the door and possibly land a job. The best thing to do is to never put on your resume the reason for no longer being at a place of employment. Those details either belong on a job app OR come out in an interview (i.e. your potential boss asks you why you no longer work at Best Buy, then you say it was due to a violation of the company's policy and go from there).

    Finally I know you want to showcase yourself, but the reality is that that you have no need to be giving CVS a resume that details your work history beyond 5 or 7 years (even if all those years were just with CVS) unless they ask or the time at Best Buy somehow applies to the job you are applying for. So it goes back to again, I personally don't see a need for the BB job to be on the resume. Do be forewarned though that since you are applying as an internal candidate, the hiring manager / recruitment team may pull your orginal app and such from when you first applied and were subsequently hired on at CVS. So make sure if you do put anything from BB down that it is exactly or at least very similar to what you wrote down 7 years ago.

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    Default A resume is not a job application

    I agree with Keith - a resume is not a job application and it is meant to showcase your talent. I have a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and I only include information pertaining to my career. That reminds me I need to update my CV today.
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    Thank you, guys. I supposed I should have had more trust in the General Manager. This job could be a big stepping stone for me and I just wanted the opinion of others who were in the industry. Again, thank you.

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    I remember an attorney, during deposition, going through my background and I mentioned a job I once held, totally unrelated to my profession. He quickly asked, in a gotcha tone of voice, why had I omitted that from my CV? I replied, a resume or CV is not a job application. He very quickly dropped the line of questioning and moved on. When the case got to trial he never brought it up. Believe me if he thought he could have impeached me on the witness stand - he would have gleefully done so.
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