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    Hi, new here on the forums. I've read through a lot of the posts and I've seen some good information. I found one thread on what I was wondering but it's back dated about two years and I wanted to see if anyone had any new information.

    I've worked for CVS Pharmacy for what is going on 6 years. I'm in shift management and I focus a lot of my time on the daily loss prevention hazards in the store. In the last year I have retrieved over $1500 worth of merchandise from thefts and/or attempted thefts. I recently had a job opportunity come across. It is for a Market Loss Prevention Investigator. There is only so much I can find out from the hiring managers and such. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with that position and could maybe give me some information on it. Such as realistic expectations for hours, pay, and daily tasks (mostly in store vs. Mostly desk? Etc). I try to take everything hiring managers say with a grain of salt when they are trying to recruit you and I just want some honest answers.

    I appreciate any answers you guys can pass along.

    ::edit:: job is an in house promotion for CVS
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    It would help greatly if you could say what company this is for. The position "Market Investigator" is used by a number of retailers and all have different position descriptions.
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    I'm sorry, I thought I had mentioned it was an in house promotion of sorts. So, CVS Pharmacy.

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    Thanks for clearing up you first post. Here's a link to the job description directly from the CVS site.
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    I appreciate the link. The job posting that came through my corporate email was almost the same but the link you provided had a bit more information. Still, information in the job posting is one thing, I was hoping someone here may have had personal experience or known someone who had personal experience with this position. It will be a big change of pace for me and I will go from having a five minute commute to having an hour and twenty minute commute. Just want to make sure it's worth it.

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