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    Default Some questions about the IP camera

    I'm would like to know more information about the IP camera. How the IP camera works ? I know I can access to the IP camera from anywhere via Internet, what about the internet hacking ?

    By the way, the bedroom and inside of house, we can not install the the IP camera, due to the privacy issue. What should I do for interior protection ? Install alarm system ?

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    Take a look at this site for an entry level discussion on IP cameras. http://www.securitycameraking.com/se...curity-camera/

    What security issues are you trying to solve? With more details, we can give you better advice.


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    Default Privacy protection software

    Hi, you mentioned the privacy policy. I just found the software who will offer great tool which you can add to your camera - or don't know, how it works technically, but it blurs the moving objects, which can be used in a coffee shop for example. I was excited of this video: http://youtu.be/ozQCFvrETkg Just thought you might be interested, I was surprised, there is something like this.

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