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    Default I'm looking for cheap wireless video cams that can relay

    the signal from one room(plugged in) to another nearby(less than 50ft in residential building) recording unit in a more secure location.

    It is OK if the camera need to stay plugged in to 110v where they are, I just don't want to run wires through the walls, but I want the recording(on VHS or DVD) to be in a secure room.

    Any recommendations? Low cost more important than pic quality.

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    According to my opinion, CCTV is the best choice for high resolution and cheap price. Many different types of CCTV systems available-analog and digital, wired and wireless-and their modes of operation vary; however, the basic components are more or less the same: a camera, a lens, a monitor, and (for wired systems) cables that carry the signal from one place to another.

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