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    Default Integra 32 problems

    Hi guys,
    One of my clients had an integra 32 card reader system installed. He later on added another panel because he added more readers. Now he is having some problems with it. He is saying that sometimes you have to swipe the carders two and three times before you get the door open. The technician who installed the systems told him that the problem was the readers that they placed back to back, so they moved them but the problem is still there. The technician is now telling him that the readers are still to close. Do you know what the problem could be. Can anyone help me out please.

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    What is the read range of the readers? It is generally a little more than spec so you want to make sure that the readers are as far apart as possible.

    If he gets a transaction record everytime he swipes his card he may have a lock problem also.

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    I suggest you to call the technician and talk him in-front of the system. Basically sometimes it happens when two of them are near but that can be solved and if problem persist then there may be some technical fault.
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